San Diego Blog Thing

January 17th. Part I and Part II of the San Diego Blog Thing 2006 were a success! Raffle prizes included an Angecom donated Learning Blogger CD. mingle donated Barnes & Noble gift certificates and an iPod as well as delicious snacks for all.

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January 16th is was the date of a two-part San Diego Blogger fest! There have been some meetups before, but none that will be as cool and successful as this one. I estimate a dozen or three folks will show up, but I’m hoping it could be much more. Any ideas folks have to goad or shame San Diego Bloggers into showing up for real are welcome.

Part I: The Living Room: near SDSU: 12noon-2pm. We want to do this part as a semi-formal/formal “panel” format with Q&A about various blogging issues: blog tools, pay-per-click ad revenue, setting limits on what you share and don’t, and other scintilating issues. Please email if you have any suggested topics or any speakers you’d like to invite, or if you yourself would like to speak. I know we got some folks in the last thread.

Part II: Rockbottom Brewery in La Jolla: 7pm-10pm (approx) - is good old fashioned chilling out and socializing with your fellow bloggers. Yes, this is a bar, and they serve good beer.

Cost for each: nothing, though we are interested in perhaps having parting gifts or the like. If anyone has ideas for things like door prizes or raffles or knows of folks interested in providing giveaways please speak out in the comments! —Joe Crawford

Photos of the San Diego Blog Thing

Blog Thing Photos


Map of Living Room to Rock Bottom

Mid-City to La Jolla.

San Diego Blog Thing Event Badge

San Diego Blog ThingJanuary 16, 2006

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